Field Trip Time!

Good afternoon!  Today I’m sharing some pictures with y’all that I took while at the Royal Alberta Museum with Jay last weekend.  We got there bright and early because admission is half-price between 9-11am on the weekends, and you know my frugal self was going to take advantage of that. 

Here’s a great view of the river valley from the museum grounds.

The entrance to the museum.  I snapped the picture in a hurry because there was a group of giggly girls about to walk into the shot.

Here is the old Government House on the museum grounds.  I would like to have gone inside and looked around, but it wasn’t open.

In the Wild Alberta exhibit, Jay was fascinated by this display showing a decomposing rat (not real, of course) and the different organisms that feed on it.  I wasn’t quite as fascinated…

Why, who’s that perty little thang posing for the camera?  Oh yeah, it’s me!  Hehe.  I think the exhibit on the Aboriginal tribes was my favorite part of the museum.  Native Americans and their culture is fascinating to me, and there was sooo much to see in this exhibit.

I wasn’t able to get a decent picture of the inside, but this is the outside of a schoolhouse made to look like one from the early 1900’s.  The inside shows students and a nun teaching.  Jay’s grandma grew up in rural northern Sasketchewan where the schools there were also run mostly by nuns, and she has told us stories about their cruelty, about how they would beat her younger brother because he wrote left-handed instead of right-handed.  The Indian students were beaten if they tried to speak their native language and were generally treated pretty horribly.  It made me sad when I saw this exhibit and thought about how they had been treated.

The dinosaur exhibit was COOL.  Jay and I both love anything to do with dinosaurs. (when I was little, I dreamed about becoming a paleontologist).  You probably didn’t know this, but more dinosaur fossils have been found in Alberta than just about anywhere else in the world.  In fact, you may have seen on the news that just a few weeks ago scientists discovered the largest dinosaur bonebed ever recorded near the town of Hilda, in the badlands of southern Alberta.  Pretty darn cool!

Wooly Mammoth fossil.

Sabretooth Tiger.  Check out those teeth!

Because I always like to get a little something at places like these, I got some old-fashioned rock candy at the gift shop.

On the way home, the GPS took us back by a route we weren’t familiar with and we suddenly realized we were coming up on the entrance to Chinatown.  I snapped a picture of the gate as we went by.  I’d like to go explore that area further one of these days.

And that’s about it for our trip to the Royal Alberta Museum.  I think a lot of us probably forget about all the great places that are right there in our own cities and towns.  Jay and I really enjoyed ourselves, and we’ve got a couple other places we plan to check out this summer as well.  Why don’t you look around and see what there is to see in your town?  You might just be surprised at what you find!


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