Yummy Hamburger Sandwich

Today I am bringing y’all a recipe that is so good, you’ll eat until you’re sickeningly full and still be craving more.  Yes, it’s that good!   I found this recipe over at Deep South Dish and finally got around to trying it last night.  I’ve found so many recipes there that I want to try, and if the others are anywhere near as good as this one, I’ll be making them soon for sure.  The combination of flavors is just super.  I’m getting hungry again just typing up this post!  The only very minor complaint I had was that the meat mixture was a little salty for my tastes.  I’ll probably cut back on the amount of onion soup mix next time.  Oh yes, there will be a next time! 🙂  You can find the recipe here.

Sometime over the next few days I’m going to put together a little tour of my kitchen, so be on the lookout for that.  I’m always curious about other peoples’ kitchens and how they’re decorated.  So I thought some of you might like a peak into mine.  I’m slowly starting to adjust, and am remembering which drawers I put what in, instead of having to search around.  It’s starting to feel like home! 🙂


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