Daffodils and My Sweet Sweet Husband

Like most of y’all out there, I have things that I worry about each day.  I worry constantly about our debts and whether we’ll ever get them all paid off, I worry about whether we’ll ever own a home of our own or if we’re doomed to always be renters.  I feel like if I have to endure one more grey, miserable day I’ll go insane.  I get homesick for my family back in the States.  Just when I’ve become fully engulfed in my worries and anxieties, in walks my husband with these:

Flowers!  And not just any flowers, but beautiful bright yellow, wonderfully fragrant daffodils.  He said he knew the miserable weather was getting me down, and he wanted to cheer me up.  Once again,  I’m reminded of how blessed I am to be married to such a man.  I know the one thing I can count on, through whatever good or bad things are waiting on the road up ahead, is that we’ll be there going through them together.  I truly am a lucky woman.

And you know what?  Today the sun is finally shining here.  And in a few weeks Jay and I will be moving from our cramped city apartment to a home in the country.  Not a home completely our own, but a place that can at least feel more like home.  A place away from city noise and traffic, with a quiet road perfect for evening walks.  I think it would do all of us good, myself included, to remember our blessings each day.  Even if they’re such a simple thing as a sunny day or a bunch of daffodils.



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2 responses to “Daffodils and My Sweet Sweet Husband

  1. Cat, I love your blog! Thanks so much for visiting mine. It’s nice to meet a fellow Canadian (you live here now, you’re Canadian, lol).

  2. Diane

    Hey, Cat. I knew Jay was a keeper! How awesome to be so in tune with you that he knows just what to do to cheer you up – bring you daffodils. What a guy!

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